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Hall County makes money off recycling
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I separate my household garbage, cardboard, newspapers, plastic bottles, etc. What does Hall County do with these items, and do they get any more for it?

Hall County recycles the majority of those items at the Recycling Center in Gainesville, according to Johnnie Vickers, solid waste director for the county.

All recycled material is sold to various vendors throughout the Southeast U.S. In 2013, the county made $442,154 from the sale of 5,244 tons of recyclables. All of that money is deposited into the Landfill Enterprise Fund, which is used for the operation of the landfill and recycling center and to purchase new equipment for the department.

This year, the recycling department expects to process over 5,600 tons of recyclables. Vickers encourages all local residents to use the recycling containers located throughout the county.
For more information, visit or call the county recycling center at 770-535-8284.

Is it legal to walk around your neighborhood with an assault rifle?

In general, yes, it is legal, according to Nicole Bailes, spokeswoman for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. You do not need a license to carry a long gun, which includes most rifles and shotguns, in public.

However, other restrictions may apply such as being a convicted felon, on-probation restrictions or restrictions due to a history of domestic violence. Also, it is illegal to possess a firearm in the process of committing a crime or while intoxicated.

A license is needed to carry handguns in public, though firearms can be stored in your car without a license.

“Your vehicle is basically an extension of your home, whereas if you wanted to strap a holster on and go into public, you need to be a licensed carrier,” Bailes said.

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