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Ask The Times: Term sorority not coined at time of Phi Mus founding
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Is Phi Mu really a fraternity, as listed in the community news in Friday’s paper?

Brenau University’s Phi Mu Fraternity is considered as such despite being a woman’s organization.

“The reason we have that formal name is because we are one of the oldest women’s fraternities, and at the time, the word “sorority” hadn’t really been coined yet,” said Beth Ward, director of communications with Phi Mu national headquarters.

The fraternity was established at Wesleyan College in Macon in 1852, about 30 years before the first organization of its kind would be called a sorority.

It was one of the first all-women secret societies and there are now more than 228 chapters across the United States, the Phi Mu website states. 

The Brenau chapter was founded on Oct. 8, 1910, and is the oldest continuously running chapter of Phi Mu, according to the chapter’s website.

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