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Ask the Times: No set procedure for installing deer crossing signs
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Between the 6300 and 6600 block of Yellow Creek Road in Murrayville, deer are regularly killed or left hurting due to being hit by motor vehicles. What is the procedure to obtain signage depicting a deer crossing?

In regards to county roads, Hall County does not install deer crossing signs on the reasoning that deer are wildlife and do not cross at the same place all the time according to Ken Rearden, Director of Public Works and Utilities for Hall County.

As far as state roads, the Georgia Department of Transportation occasionally will place deer crossing signs, but there are no set procedures for requesting a sign in your area, said David Olson, District Traffic Engineer for District 1 in Gainesville.

“With signs, such as equestrian crossings and pedestrian crossings, they make a distinction where if it’s human or human-guided, then you know where it is, there may be a trail for instance, but wildlife is considered to be more random and you can’t really predict where a crossing will occur,” he said.

While Olson believes there are some deer crossing signs presently posted, “they are not posted very often because it’s so frequent out here. Deer population is so high in this part of the state, most people are aware that they are out there and can cross your path virtually anywhere.”

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