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Kitchen inspections, Jan. 21
Kitchen Inspections

The following are among the food service establishments inspected from Jan. 16-19 by the Hall County Environmental Health Department. Food service establishments are given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: “A” (90-100), “B” (80-89), “C” (70-79), “U” 69 and below. Inspections (frequency of) a food service establishment are conducted based on risk categorization. The risk type is determined by the menu items served, the food preparation processed performed, and the previous food safety history in the food service establishment.

A new food service establishment that has never served food must score 100 (A) to receive a food service permit to operate. When a restaurant changes ownership, a new food service permit must be issued. To be issued a permit for a change of ownership, the establishment must score a 95 (A) or above with all foodborne illness risk factors and public health interventions in compliance. Permits must be posted in public view at all times. Establishments with drive-thru windows will also be required to have the top one-third of a copy of the most current inspection report visible through each window allowing customers to easily read the score, date of inspection and establishment information, in addition to the copy posted inside the establishment. Copies of the rules are available at the Hall County Environmental health Office. The rules and regulations are also available online at

To register a complaint against a food service establishment, contact the Hall County Environmental Health Department at 770-531-3973.

Jan. 16

Big Creek Tavern
3050 Big Creek Road, Buford
Score: 91, Grade: A
Certified Food Safety Manager certificate for Cynthia Brown expired October 2015. Tongs (not yet used) for house salad stored with handle portion contacting lettuce. Accumulated food debris and residues along crevices of clean knife rack and along ridges of rubber mats lining shelves for clean utensils. Pressed particle board shelves with laminate at expo cookline peeling along seams and corners where surface can no longer be easily cleaned and sanitized. Interior of reach-in cooler and walk-in cooler with an accumulation of dust and debris. Accumulated grease and smoke staining walls and ceiling surrounding hood system at cook line.
Inspector: Lydia Hoffhines 

Jan. 19

Happy China
2458 Limestone Parkway, Gainesville 
Score: 92, Grade: A
Containers of nuts, sauces, oils and spices stored uncovered on shelves at wok line. Visible food debris and residues along blades and blade-handle junctions of clean knives stored above air dry drainboard. Accumulated food residue along interior surfaces and food splatter along interior lid of bulk dry rice storage container. Unwashed raw onions, carrots and cabbage chopped without first being washed at the vegetable sink. 
Inspector: Lydia Hoffhines 

Mama Ruth’s Kitchen
804 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville 
Score: 95, Grade: A
Cooked beef tips and fillets in two-door Merchandiser cooler not labled with either date of preparation or seven-day hold time. Dishwasher engaged in washing dishes using water cooler than the required 110 F.
Inspector: Evan Biles

New Horizon Lanier Park
675 White Sulphur Road, Gainesville 
Score: 87, Grade: B
Accumulated grime debris and residue in disassembled tea urn nozzle spouts. Pans of whole intact pork loin at 73-97 F and pot roast 106-114 F cooling in walk-in cooler with tightly wrapped aluminum foil; product is not cooling rapidly enough to fall from 135 F to 41 F within six hours.
Inspector: Lydia Hoffhines 

Subway No. 17546
4504 Cornelia Highway, Lula
Score: 99, Grade: A
Receptacle on far right side of pad contains no lids. Another receptacle, on the left side has trash inside and is uncovered.
Inspector: Evan Biles

Taco Bell No. 030345 
1957 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville 
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Evan Biles

Taqueria El Rey
711 Industrial Blvd., Gainesville 
Score: 82, Grade: B
There has not been a Certified Food Safety Manager on staff since this food service establishment was opened almost three years ago. Establishment has no written procedure for cleanup of bodily fluids. Observed slicer with bits of food and slices of meat underneath blade. No date markings found on various items that had been cooked the day before on foods in establishment, and foods that had been held for more than 24 hours at 41 F.
Inspector: Alex Reid

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