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Injured dog rescued and rehabilitated
Cocker spaniel Abigail is adjusting to life since having one of her legs amputated after being abandoned.

One little pup can now run with the big dogs thanks to the critical care she received at the Hall County Animal Shelter.

A cocker spaniel, now named Abigail, was left injured and abandoned when someone found her at an apartment complex and promptly brought the dog to the shelter.

Upon arrival, the 1-year-old spaniel had a wire tightly wrapped around one of its back legs.

The shelter veterinarian soon realized the leg would have to be amputated.

“Someone had purposely tied a wire around her right hind leg above her hock joint,” Dr. Meghan Seabolt said. “The wire had cut through her skin to the point where her bone was exposed. We had to amputate all the way up to the femur.”

Seabolt explained if she and other veterinarians left any of the leg attached, the dog possibly could try to use it and injure herself further.

The young dog is now in good spirits following a full recovery.

“She’s doing fantastic,” Seabolt said. “I think she felt better from the time she woke up from surgery.”

Seabolt added Abigail’s demeanor has not changed since she arrived at the shelter. The vet described the cocker spaniel as incredibly sweet even with her injury.

After healing from the procedure, Abigail recovered further with a foster family who saw her quickly adapt to her new body.

Abigail has since been taken in by a cocker spaniel rescue group based in Alpharetta, Life’s Little Paws.

Rita Kirouac, president of Life’s Little Paws, said Abigail is doing wonderful and her foster mom adores her.

The three-legged canine has learned to go up and down stairs on her own and gets along great with big and small dogs, according to the rescue group’s website.

The lovable pup has already gotten plenty of attention and is in the process of being adopted.

If you would like any information on the other adoptable dogs at Life’s Little Paws or the Hall County Animal Shelter, you can go online to or