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Hall Sheriffs Office seeks grant for night vision equipment
Department looks for funding through Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation
Hall County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Bob Watterson holds his flashlight that he uses to direct traffic. The Sheriff’s Office is applying for grant money to update some equipment.

Night vision equipment, flashlights and first aid kits — these are a few things the Hall County Sheriff’s Office is looking to renew or purchase through grant money.

The Sheriff’s Office is looking for funding through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

“In theory, it will go to equip every officer that’s in a patrol vehicle,” spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes said, adding that an exact amount or supply is undetermined.

Some of the requests include night vision equipment for patrol officers on later shifts. Bailes said the goal would be to have one per shift.

In other instances, it’s replacing older technology in things like flashlights so that the county can “replenish for all the officers to have newer equipment,” Bailes said.

Patrol units have first aid kits and jump bags that include gauze, sterile water and other bandages to help with wounds for deputies responding to incident scenes.

“There is a 40-hour course that they can go through that is first responder training that we are looking to get most of them certified in,” Bailes said.

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