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Hall school system launches website to keep kids learning over the summer
Website is an 'easy one-stop shop' for parents
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Keeping it Fresh

Find Hall County Schools’ new website for summer learning at

School might have ended yesterday for Hall County students, but the school board is making sure their learning doesn't.

Friday the school board unveiled "Keeping it Fresh," a new website dedicated to keeping students' minds turned on for the summer months.

"It fits into our move into blended learning," Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield said.
"We don't have a rationale now to not have a 24/7 way for students to be engaged."

Schofield said the website was an attempt at keeping up with educating the "digital generation."

"(The website) is an easy one-stop shop for parents to find resources to keep their kids engaged in reading and math," he said.

Developed by Hall County teachers and some of the district staff, it features reading lists and at-home math activities for elementary, middle and high school students. There are links to additional websites as well as ways for high schoolers to sign up for free SAT and ACT daily practice questions.

Schofield said parents probably were not yet aware the website existed, but teachers have been telling their students about it. He said the board intends to send out emails in the coming weeks informing all Hall County parents about it.

"We're trying to look for resources that are fun," he said. "As our community and teachers continue to add ideas, the website will continue to expand."

"Keeping it Fresh" is just one of many ways the district is trying to use the Internet as a viable part of the educational system. The board set up a Twitter account several months ago and is hoping to find a way to connect all of its online activities in one location.

"This is going to bring a seismic change in the way children learn and teachers teach," Schofield said.
"We tweeted about the website five minutes after (the developers) sent it to me."

Debra Smith, principal at Riverbend Elementary School, said she was very excited about Hall County Schools becoming more digital.

"Hall County is really stepping up the pace on technology. It's trying to get on the cutting edge," she said.

"Teachers have been doing technology, but with blended learning, our goal is to get technology into the hands of the kids."

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