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Hall, Gainesville SAT scores drop slightly from last year

Gainesville and Hall County students’ SAT scores came out below the state average in 2019’s results and dropped a little from the previous year’s district scores.

The Georgia Department of Education released the SAT results for 2019 on Tuesday, Oct. 1, reporting a total “mean” or average of 1048 for the state, which exceeds the national average by nine points.

The highest SAT score that can be achieved is 1600.

Gainesville’s total average score in 2019 was 997, just three points lower than last year’s results. The district had 258 students take the test. 

Hall’s total average was 1039 with 958 students taking the test. This score shows a small drop from the previous year’s score of 1054. 

Kevin Bales, Hall County Schools assistant superintendent in teaching and learning, said he wasn’t surprised to see the decrease this year. 

The score meets the 2019 national average of 1039 and exceeds Hall’s 2017 average of 1038. 

“Last year was a record high for the district,” Bales said. “This year we’ve settled back into more of the norm. We’d love to continue that record high, but I think we keep it in perspective and show improvement.”

Both Gainesville City and Hall County Schools use SAT results as a tool for comparing students’ academic performances to the nation and state. 

Georgia’s scores from minority students relayed positive results, according to the Georgia Department of Education.

African-American students in Georgia’s public schools recorded a total average SAT score of 952, which is above the national average of 921. The state’s Hispanic or Latino students surpassed the national average of 967 by earning a total average of 1016. This group had a 16.3% increase in participation.

“I’ll put it simply: I’m proud of the teachers and students in Georgia’s public schools,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said in a press release. “While we would of course like to see an increase in scores every year, I’m still pleased to see us well above the national average even as participation increases. For the second year, our students beat the national average on a test that was once used to label Georgia as ‘last in the nation’ in education.”

The Times did not receive a response from Gainesville City Schools in time for publication.

SAT results

  • Georgia Public Schools: 533 evidence-based reading and writing average, 515 math average, 1048 total average 
  • Cherokee Bluff: 25 test takers, 527 evidence-based reading and writing average, 515 math average, 1042 total average
  • Chestatee: 139 test takers, 524 evidence-based reading and writing average, 517 math average, 1041 total average
  • East Hall:  137 test takers, 484 evidence-based reading and writing average, 489 math average, 973 total average
  • Flowery Branch: 228 test takers, 547 evidence-based reading and writing average, 526 math average, 1073 total average
  • Gainesville:  258 test takers, 504 evidence-based reading and writing average, 493 math average, 997 total average
  • Johnson: 158 test takers, 525 evidence-based reading and writing average, 507 math average, 1031 total average
  • North Hall:  146 test takers, 557 evidence-based reading and writing average, 531 math average, 1088 total average
  • West Hall: 119 test takers, 507 evidence-based reading and writing average, 493 math average, 999 total average
Average scores

  • Georgia Public Schools: 1048 
  • Cherokee Bluff: 1042
  • Chestatee: 1041
  • East Hall: 973
  • Flowery Branch: 1073
  • Gainesville: 997
  • Johnson: 1031
  • North Hall: 1088
  • West Hall: 999
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