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Hall County property tax statements get makeover
New design to assist residents in better understanding charges
0917tax 2012
2012 Hall County property tax statement

New Hall County property tax bills scheduled to go out next month have a new color scheme and style designed to help residents better understand their bills.

The new layout is color-coded and uses graphics and smartphone technology to make it easier for landowners to read and make payments.

The back of the tax bill also has revamped information, including the definition of certain words and fees mentioned on the front and information about common property tax exemptions. Technology is at work once more on the back with a Web address to check payment status and a note about new tracking ability where the tax commission office can trace the bill to ensure there was accurate and timely delivery.

“I started looking at property tax preparer providers several months ago,” Tax Commissioner Darla Eden said. “It was very evident to me that we had an opportunity to present a new modernized look and format of the tax bill.”

Eden said the revised bill gives residents more information than the old tax bill. The new bill will be in color, have a pie chart of where property tax revenue is spent and will list the property acreage, even if it’s 5 acres or less, on the tax bill. This is the first time that information will be on the tax bills.

“This is one initiative I’m really proud of,” Eden said.

The county will also offer a Spanish language version of the bill on the county website.

Chief Tax Assessor Steve Watson said his office worked with Eden’s staff in coming up with the final draft of the new bill. The Planning Department also helped with the project.

“We were sort of on an advisory to help them,” Watson said. “Hopefully, there will be more information on the tax bills that will be helpful to taxpayers.”

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