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Hall County book sale benefits library system, readers
Shoppers look through one room of books at the Hall County Library System’s Gainesville branch. The Friends of the Library Booksale took place on Saturday and Sunday. - photo by CHARLES PHELPS

If you were looking for more books to read, this weekend was the time to find them.

The Hall County Library System and the Friends of the Hall County Library held the Friends of the Library Booksale on Saturday and Sunday at the system’s Gainesville branch.

All money the sale brought in goes to the library.

The sale featured books of all genres at low prices.

“Every dollar benefits the library,” said volunteer Joyce Branch. “The money goes toward summer programs. All the money gets spent for the functions for this Hall County Library System.

“(The sale) is perfect. The people get a deal, and the library gets the money. Of course, it’s perfect to have people come because it supports the library, and it puts books in the hands of readers.

“That’s a win-win.”

Branch also said customers were “thrilled” at the pricing of the books and liked how organized things were so they could find what they were looking for more easily.

Some of the prices ranged from 50 cents to $1 dollar, depending on whether the books were hardback or paperback copies.

Celita Wylie, a customer and teacher, said she was looking for history books for children.

“I teach, so anything educational, anything about history, anything about art or nature, I look for those kinds of books,” she said.

“(The sale) is wonderful because books are expensive. And to put books into children’s hands can get (kind of) pricey. So, when we can come in and get them (books) at a cheaper price and be able to put it in their hands, it’s just wonderful.”

Michael Johnson said he received an email about the sale, and he wanted to buy books for his nephew to help him grow in his reading.

Like Branch, Johnson said the sale is a “win-win situation because the public library here benefits, and we benefit, too, by coming and supporting it, and we get books, too.

“(The sale) means a lot to (the library) because now (the libraries) know people are concerned about the libraries, and what (it takes) to keep them going. (The libraries) need to be funded.

“The government is doing its part, but (customers) can do our part to help the libraries, by supporting it when they have book sales like this, and also, coming and getting the books, using the computers and coming here with our children,” Johnson said.

Jim Baskin said he loves books and always finds a good book at the library. Baskin said he reads a lot of nonfiction, business, science fiction and crime books.

All the genres were on sale for him to choose from.

“I think (the sale) is a great idea,” he said. “It lets (the library) freshen (its) shelves by getting the old things out of the way and make room for new things.

“It helps me fill up my library again so I can eventually do the same thing.”

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