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Hall clinic to be finished by early December
Bill Moats, right, director of human resources for Hall County, walks through the main hallway of the soon-to-be Hall County clinic, in the old East Hall library branch.

A few weeks before Christmas, Brett Jockell and his team hope to be out of the old East Hall library branch turned Hall County clinic.

“My goal is to be out of here by early December,” said Jockell, Hall County’s superintendent of building maintenance.

The Hall County pharmacy and clinic are expected to open on Jan. 5, serving county employees and retirees at the former library branch off Old Cornelia Highway in Gainesville.

In terms of construction, Human Resources Director Bill Moats said eight to 10 walls were built.

“For the most part, the clinic side had very few changes,” he said.

Former reading rooms from the library will be switched to examination rooms, and a metal pull-down door has been installed for securing the pharmacy.

“We’re just putting that in so we don’t have to worry about anybody smashing the window and getting into the pharmacy,” Moats said.

As far as further infrastructure in a change from a library to pharmacy and clinic, Moats said few changes were required.

“It was as close to move-in ready as we could get,” he said.

Jockell and his crew, which includes inmate labor, spent the last four weeks at work inside the building.

“Once the construction part of it is done, it’s turning it over to the clinic and pharmacy people to do their setup and preparation,” Moats said.

The Drug Enforcement Administration will inspect the pharmacy, meaning all of the cabinetry must be in place as well as a working phone number.

Moats praised Jockell’s design in regards to air conditioning in terms of an overhead vent in the clinic section.

“In putting up that wall to close off the pharmacy, we had an airflow issue with the AC,” Moats said. “And so we couldn’t just put a wall up because then the AC flow wouldn’t work right.”

In a side room, Joni Holloway, who oversees benefits in Hall County human resources, will work one day a week. Employees will be able to speak with Holloway about benefits as well as go to the clinic, Moats said.

“I think people are going to be really impressed when they walk in and see it,” Moats said.

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