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Hall chamber recognizes industry leaders
Kevin Brown, senior field manager at Aerocom, assembles a pneumatic tube system Thursday at the company’s Thurmon Tanner Parkway office. Aerocom was awarded the Industry of the Year award in the small category by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce.

Industry award winners

Small Industry of the Year: Aerocom Systems Inc.

Medium Industry of the Year: Syfan Logistics

Large Industry of the Year: King’s Hawaiian

Employer Recognition Award: Marel Stork Poultry Processing

Corporate Citizen Award: Cargill

Environmental Steward Award: KIK Custom Products

Safety Recognition Award: Tatsumi Intermodal USA

Hall County industry leaders are manufacturers, transporters, bread makers and more.

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce held its annual Industry of the Year Awards on Thursday at the Chattahoochee Country Club in Gainesville.

“I look forward to this event each year as it gives us the opportunity to come together and celebrate the over 300 manufacturers, processors and distributors located right here in Hall County,” said Chairman David Lee. “We recognize them not only for their impact, but also for their corporate responsibility and workforce excellence.”

The event named the small, medium and large Industries of the year, and recognized four companies for their environmental stewardship, safety performance, employer recognition and corporate citizenship.

It included an address from state Sen. Butch Miller, who expressed his appreciation for the vast number of industries in North Georgia. Chamber President Kit Dunlap also congratulated the award recipients and thanked all the area industries for their work and the jobs they provide.

Tim Evans, chamber vice president for economic development, said Aerocom Systems Inc. was named the small Industry of the Year.

“I’m very thankful for our Aerocom family,” said President Richard Beaty. “We have a team that really cares about our customers, cares about each other. We’re just very thankful to be here.”

Syfan Logistics was named the Industry of the Year in the medium category. The company is a Gainesville-headquartered logistics management organization serving shipping needs for temperature-controlled, dry or flat loads.

“We’re very blessed and very thankful to be here,” said CEO Jim Syfan, echoing Beaty’s sentiments. “... We know there are many, many other companies that are just as qualified in Northeast Georgia as our company is. We want to thank all of our people. They’re the ones who get it done and we couldn’t possibly do what we do without all the fine people that work with us.”

King’s Hawaiian was named the large Industry of the Year. Three years ago, the company located a new bakery in Hall County and now employs 350 people. It expects to double its employee base over the next several years.

Vice President Curtis Taira said his brother visited Oakwood in 2010 and wanted the family to expand its business in the small town.

“Here we are now, two plants, three lines, $100 million and several hundred Georgia associates later,” Taira said.

“We’re glad to be here. This is our community, our home and you are our ohana, our family.”

Along with the three Industry of the Year Awards, the following awards were given:

• Marel Stork Poultry Processing was given the Employer Recognition Award. The company recognizes employee educational efforts and offers a retirement plan, apprenticeships, tuition reimbursement and free annual health screenings.

• Cargill was awarded the Corporate Citizen Award. The company says it is committed to feeding the world in a responsible way while reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where employees live and work

• KIK Custom Products was recognized with the Environmental Steward Award. The company conducts compressed air energy audits, uses energy-efficient lighting and uses metered water nozzles.

• Tatsumi Intermodal USA was given the Safety Recognition Award. The company has no recordable lost time accidents in two years and is a certified Drug Free Workplace.