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This old Gainesville park's makeover will soon be complete
11142019 PARK  1.jpg
Renovations at City Park are beginning to take shape as a new playground and restroom facility have been installed. - photo by Scott Rogers

Gainesville’s City Park stays busy with events such as youth sports games and Friday nights with the Gainesville High School Red Elephants. Soon, the park will have some upgrades and new features.

Improvements at the playground, concession area and restrooms began over the summer and are set to be finished in December, Parks Director Kate Mattison said.

The restrooms will have three stalls instead of one, and the approximately 50-year-old concession stand will be completely rebuilt, Mattison said.

These upgrades will help the park more comfortably host larger events, she said.

11142019 PARK 2.jpg
New playground equipment installation is nearly complete at City Park Wednesday, Nov. 132, 2019. Renovations at the park also include new bathrooms. - photo by Scott Rogers

“It gives us a bit more of an opportunity for people to hit the concession stand and use the restrooms and there aren’t going to be long lines,” she said.

The park will also be getting a new pavilion and playground upgrades, including a double slide and a walkway bridge. Adults will be able to get exercise while their children play, with some outdoor fitness equipment, including a rowing machine and an elliptical.

“They’re not electric. You don’t have a screen like you would at Frances Meadows or a different gym that you would go to,” Mattison said. “They’re all metal, and it’s all done with your own body weight.”

11142019 PARK 3.jpg
A new bathroom is part of the ongoing renovations at City Park Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019. - photo by Scott Rogers

City Park, located off Glenwood Drive by the Gainesville Civic Center, has tennis courts, playgrounds, ball fields and a football stadium used by Gainesville High School and youth teams.

Mattison said the parks department is looking forward to the improvements.

“We think it’s going to be a nice upgrade for City Park that was necessary. If you had seen the previous concession building and restroom, it was out-of-date and we needed it,” she said. “We’re excited to get something new and fresh down there in City Park, because it is a very popular park for our patrons.”

The budget is just under $700,000, and the project is being funded through Gainesville Parks & Recreation’s Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, Mattison said.

11142019 PARK 5.jpg
Temporary fencing surrounds an area of City park Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019, as renovation at the park are beginning to take shape. New playground and restroom facility have been installed. - photo by Scott Rogers