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Koch Foods planning this huge expansion in Gainesville
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Koch Foods in Gainesville is looking to build a 170,000 to 183,000-square-foot facility for poultry processing and as a freezer and office. - photo by Jeff Gill

Update, Dec. 7: Poultry processor Koch Foods was given the OK by the Gainesville City Council Dec. 7 to expand near its current operation, including on the site of what is now the Good News at Noon homeless shelter in Gainesville.

Update, Nov. 9: Poultry processor Koch Foods was given the OK to expand at the site of what is now the Good News at Noon homeless shelter in Gainesville.

Poultry processor Koch Foods is planning a huge expansion at the site of what is now the Good News at Noon homeless shelter in Gainesville.

Koch Foods is seeking to build a facility that is 170,000 to 183,000 square feet in size “to include poultry processing, freezer, office and truck bays/docking and parking,” according to Gainesville planning documents.

Koch, which is a few blocks south of Queen City Parkway, is hoping to annex property now used for truck parking at 966 Industrial Blvd., off Industrial Boulevard and Mitchell Street, as part of the effort

The plan is to redevelop that site and adjacent properties owned by Koch Foods and build the new plant between Industrial Boulevard and Davis Street.

Good News at Noon site, which is at 979 Davis St., is planning to move to a larger facility at Pearl Nix Parkway and Dorsey Street in June 2022. Good News “will need to be able to relocate before the buildings are removed,” said Matt Tate, deputy director of the city’s Community & Economic Development department.

Koch’s current plans call for 96,000 square feet of space for a poultry processing and deboning facility, 62,826 square feet of freezer space, 24,000 square feet of office space, 16 truck bays/docking stations and 50 spaces for trailer parking, according to Koch’s application.

“Driveway access will be provided for delivery trucks off Industrial Boulevard and Davis Street,” according to Koch.

Employee parking will be off Davis Street across from the proposed entrance to the new plant.

Koch intends to close Mitchell Street as part of the expansion.

Koch’s annexation request is set to go before the Gainesville Planning and Appeals Board on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

Koch has an existing 74,000-square-foot plant at the site, which is 10 acres overall. The plant was established in the early 1960s, with Koch taking over in 2002.