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Gross science: Kids learn about all things gooey at library event
Jane Brantley stirs her cup of “slime” Saturday at the Hall County Library branch in Gainesville during the Grossology for Kids program. - photo by Tom Reed

Would you like to major in grossology?

You know, the study of gross things like ooey gooey slime.

In honor of grossology, kids gathered Saturday afternoon at the Gainesville branch of the Hall County Library System for a science event like no other.

The future grossologists participated in a trivia match where they had to answer multiple choice questions such as "what is the amount of snot you swallow a day?"

They also learned "how to make a burp" with a balloon serving as the stomach, vinegar serving as the acid and baking soda serving as the food that we ingest. And, most importantly, the kids all got to make and take home their very own slime.

Adrianne Junius, youth service manager at the library branch, got the idea for the grossology event from the books written by science teacher Sylvia Branzel.

"Science is important because it can lead to changing our lives," Junius said. "They could cure diseases or build amazing buildings. Kids can do anything they want with science and math."

Junius would encourage parents to bring their kids to educational weekend events because it is a great way for kids to meet other kids.

"We always do educational programs here at our library, and at the same time, we have fun," Junius said. "It is great for the parents because they can get their books and their movies for the night, and it is good for the kids because they can get their books and have fun and learn something."

Junius enjoys the excitement of "slime time."

"This is so much fun because I get to make a difference in children’s lives," Junius said. "I get to see them have fun and learn things, and I don’t think everyone gets to do that every morning they wake up."

Mike Williams of Gainesville, who decided to come to the event because grossology sounded fun, was there with his three children, Michael, 10, Emily, 8, and Will, 7.

"They need all the education background that they can get nowadays and any extracurricular activities help them," Williams said. "They expect so much more out of kids in school than they did when I was a kid."

When making slime, Will first claimed it looked like pudding and then changed his mind and said it looked like Sprite.

Michael, on the other hand, said that his slime smelled like green tea once Junius added some food dye to it.

Will, who also believed that his slime "smelled good," eventually turned to his dad and exclaimed, "I got it on my jacket!"

Williams simply replied, "You’ll be OK, it is only slime."

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