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Greenway work will close portion of Banks Street
Roadway to reopen on March 30
Paul Wilkinson, left, and Nelson Wilkinson prepare an area for paving bricks in the amphitheater portion of the Midtown Greenway. - photo by Tom Reed

Midtown motorists beware: You might have some issues getting around for a while.

City officials are closing a one-block section of Banks Street between Gordon Avenue and Grove Street today to repave the road near a future urban greenway crossing.

The road likely won't reopen until March 30.

The project is part of the city's efforts to build a walking path through midtown. When it opens in April, the greenway will cross Banks Street near the city's new public safety facility.

Part of this week's repaving efforts includes a slight adjustment to the angle of the intersection at Banks and Gordon.

City officials say it will make the intersection safer for pedestrians using the greenway.

When that portion of Banks Street reopens March 30, the 12-foot-wide trail will cross it, leading pedestrians to a future city park, said Jessica Tullar, special projects manager for the city.

The park is under construction on an old railroad maintenance yard, and one day will feature a playground and a stage.

Currently, workers are installing permeable pavers in the park's future parking lot, which will reduce stormwater runoff in the newly restored Flat Creek in heavy rain.

Beyond the park, the trail runs along an old CSX railway to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Beginning at Mule Camp Springs, it is the city's first step in midtown toward a trail residents can follow from the lake on the other side of downtown at Longwood Park to Aviation Boulevard.


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