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Gainesville viewers going for gold
Olympics fans fight event overload, time difference, spoilers
Jeff Stadler and daughter Hannah watch synchronized swimming events while eating lunch at Wild Wing Cafe on Monday afternoon.

Not everyone can drop everything and experience the 2012 Summer Olympics in person in London.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible to experience the excitement of the games with the rest of the world, no matter where you are.

Mack Turner of Gainesville said he’s been watching so many Olympic events that he’s feeling a little overloaded. His favorite sports to watch are track and field and gymnastics.

He, his wife and three young children like to watch the games before going to bed.

Although NBC is airing a number of events live on several different channels during the day, the network is airing many of the most popular events such as swimming and gymnastics in prime time on a tape delay — hours after the events are actually held. So fans are following their favorite athletes on the Internet and through social media.

“I can’t stay up till midnight every night so I usually read (the results) on the Internet before I go to bed,” Turner said.

Tammy Slay wrote on The Times Facebook page that the time delay doesn’t bother her either.

“Although, I learn the results on the internet hours earlier, I still enjoy seeing the athletes’ emotional reactions after winning,” Slay wrote.

A lot of fans watching from home said they’ve enjoyed watching the games just for the athletes’ reactions, even if they do already know who won.

“The reactions when people win and stuff is pretty cool to see. Because some people are more shy and some people are very happy,” Hannah Stadler, 15, said.

Hannah and her dad, Jeff Stadler, grabbed some lunch at Wild Wing Cafe in Gainesville and watched synchronized swimming on the television.

They said the games are always fun to watch but even moreso when the home team wins. But that can be a little hard to settle on sometimes.

“She was conflicted a little bit during volleyball because the South Koreans were playing the U.S. So she was rooting for Korea because she’s adopted from South Korea,” Jeff Stadler said.

Jeff Stadler said one highlight was watching Jamaican Usain Bolt win gold and set a Olympic record for the men’s 100-meter dash.

“The fact that he gets so far ahead and literally looks behind him and starts laughing. He won gold last Olympics and this year everyone was like can he do it again and he did,” Jeff Stadler said, laughing.

The real fun, he said, is being able to pick up on the individual athlete’s character.

Jeff Stadler referenced American swimmer Michael Phelps, who when asked by a reporter about winning another gold medal, mentioned getting tweets from some of his favorite celebrities. On the other hand, Stadler praised American gymnast Gabby Douglas for her reaction to winning the all-around Olympic gold medal.

“That was his response to the world. And then you have Gabby, she wins and she was all the glory goes to God and the blessings come to me. What completely different contrasts,” Jeff Stadler said.

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