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Gainesville RadioShack among thousands to be closed
Buford location also shutting down
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RadioShack, which has been in financial hot water for some time, will close its Gainesville location at Lakeshore Mall, though there is no timeline of when the closing will take place.

The company has been in business since 1921 when it started as an electronic mail-order business in Boston, and was one of the first companies to mass market personal computers and later, mobile phones, according to its website.

The business filed for bankruptcy earlier this month and is expected to shut down about half of its stores across the United States, The Associated Press reported.

A RadioShack affiliate, Standard General, is expected to purchase upward of 2,400 of the best-performing stores, according to the website. 

Both the Buford and Gainesville store locations are listed on the 22-page register of closings in the U.S.

Stores are expected to sell most remaining inventory at discounted prices; purchases and returns can still be completed at 

Customers have until March 6 to use any gift cards they may have for the company.

Media relations for RadioShack did not comment on the number of employees that would be affected but did say most of the closings are expected to occur within the next few weeks.

As for the empty store that will be left behind after the Lakeshore RadioShack closing, there are currently no plans for another business to take its place, according to lease management at the mall.

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