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Gainesville is home to new FM radio station
Channel to broadcast UGA sports, talk radio personalities
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Gainesville is now home to a news and talk radio station — on FM.

Cox Radio is broadcasting in Gainesville on FM 103.7.

"It’s news-talk on FM, and it’s just a new way that we’re trying to brand news-talk on a different frequency," said Scott Smith, vice president and general manager of Cox Radio Gainesville.

The station will feature syndicated personalities such as Neal Boortz, Clark Howard and Dr. Laura as well as sports and news.

"We’ve got the best talent lineup in the country as far as talk radio is concerned," Smith said.

Smith said too often Gainesville is thrown in with the Metro Atlanta market.

"Gainesville is a city with its own identity. Despite its incredible growth over the last decade, Gainesville and its residents have never lost sight of their sense of community," he said.

For that reason, he said, the majority of the station’s news content will be focused on local news.

"Our focus is Gainesville," Smith said. "All the local news is Gainesville and North Georgia."

The station also will be the only one in Gainesville to broadcast University of Georgia sports.

"We’ll have football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball," Smith said.

The frequency was formerly a rock station out of Athens. The transmitting location was moved near the Hall and Banks county line.

The rock station moved to a different frequency in Athens, and 103.7 took up a new identity as a news, talk and sports station.

Cox will be the first corporate radio station in Gainesville and will be in competition with locally owned Jacobs Media station WDUN 550.

"We like the Gainesville market. We think it’s a growing, great market, and we want to be a part of it," Smith said.