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Gainesville High senior loves both arts and science
Kathryn Smith
Gainesville High's Kathryn Smith will enroll at UNG this fall semester to finish her core requirements. Though her career path is unclear, like most her age, the goals are set, nonetheless. - photo by Scott Rogers

Some people’s brains are wired for creativity, while others are tuned to the logic of science and math.

But for Kathryn Smith, who is graduating from Gainesville High School, she balances both.

“My involvement in the arts has helped my academics,” she said.

The hours, weeks, semesters and years poured into theater, chorus and ceramics are complemented by an abiding interest in subjects like physics and chemistry.

Kathryn drops the words “nuclear” and “fusion” with enthusiasm.

“The idea of looking for a new energy source …” she said. “It sounds interesting.”

Particle physics may be her study at the next level, she said, and maybe she’ll one day work for the government. There is some uncertainty.

“As long as I get to problem solve,” she added.

Kathryn will enroll at the University of North Georgia this fall to finish her core requirements. Though her career path is unclear, she is considering her goals, which could include a lot more academic study.

Kathryn said she is working up the courage in her own life to pursue a doctorate.

“That’s kind of scary,” she confessed of the time and effort required.

But Kathryn has her grandfather to look to for that extra bit of encouragement.

“He’s been a friend to me,” she said, adding that she’s learned from him how to think about her motivations and behaviors so she can grow in life’s daily lessons.  

“I never really thought I was someone who could go for a Ph.D.,” she said. “But he has one … maybe I could do it, too.”

She’s been called mature, but she also has “a really goofy kind of humor,” she said.

There is the “nerdy” interest in science and the fascination with superhero movies, like the latest from Marvel, “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Her mature side comes out even then.

“I liked the different moral takes on how you save the universe,” she said of the movie. “I thought they played really well in the gray area that exists in this world.”

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