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Gainesville City Council OKs neighborhood planning group
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The Gainesville City Council on Tuesday approved the goals and objectives of the city’s second neighborhood planning unit.

The members of the Bradford-Ridgewood Neighborhood Planning Unit hope  through the city-formed organization they can preserve the current character of the neighborhood, improve the area’s pedestrian friendliness and build upon the neighborhood’s image, according to the organization’s objectives statement approved Tuesday.

Implementing those goals may mean expanding the neighborhood’s historic district, requiring property owners to use certain architectural styles on new homes and to design those buildings with a single-family residential appearance.

The neighborhood planning unit is Gainesville’s residents-based approach to land use and facilities planning. The Bradford-Ridgewood planning unit is second. Another planning unit in the Fair Street area approved its goals and objectives in 2008. The planning unit in the Bradford-Ridgewood area includes properties between Academy Street, Ivey Terrace, Wilshire Road and Green Street near downtown Gainesville.

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