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Gainesville boy stars tonight in Hallmark movie
Stargel, 11, has appeared in 6 TV productions
Nicholas Stargel

‘Oliver's Ghost'

What: A movie starring Nicholas Stargel, 11, of Gainesville
When: 9 tonight
Where: Hallmark Channel, Charter channel 137


Nicholas Stargel, 11, has quite an impressive resume.

At age 5, he booked his first acting role on the hit TV show "Monk." In the years since, he has appeared in six other television productions.

When he isn't in California filming, he lives in Gainesville and attends a local school.

He said his friends at school think it's fun to see him on TV.

"Some kids will say ‘Hey, what channel are you on?' And sometimes people find you on accident," Stargel said.

Tonight at 9, he stars in a Hallmark channel original movie called "Oliver's Ghost."

Stargel plays the role of Oliver, a boy who can see ghosts.

When his family moves to the suburbs, Oliver meets the ghost that haunts his new house. Comedian Martin Mull plays that ghost.

With a little help from his new neighbor, played by Rhea Pearlman from the TV show "Cheers," Oliver is able to help the ghost (and his family) find peace.

"It was really fun to work with Martin Mull and Rhea Pearlman," Stargel said.

Filming the movie took about a month, but Stargel said he felt like he was with family.

"It's really fun to work on set with other people," he said.

He's passionate about his acting and has several auditions coming up. He said he might be working on "Revenge," a new prime time show on ABC.

"The thing I like most about (acting) is not a lot of other people do it," he said.

Stargel and his family go to California every year during "pilot season."

Stargel's father, Rocky Stargel, said it's "an interesting process" because you never know which pilots the networks will pick up.

No matter what happens, his parent's are proud of him and happy to encourage his talent.

"He absolutely loves acting. He's in his element when he's working," Rocky Stargel said. "We're just happy to be along for the ride."

His mother, Beth Stargel, stays with her son while he is working on set.

But raising the up-and-coming star is "really no different (than other children)," she said. "It's just his thing. Like being a soccer player."

"We really had no idea of what it would grow into for him," Rocky Stargel added.


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