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Frosty days are on the way
Hall County area may be facing freezing temperatures
Bill Heaton checks prices of a selection of space heaters on display at Lowe’s in Gainesville Thursday afternoon. The first freezing temperatures of the season may come Friday night.

The rain is gone, but so are those nice, warm fall days.

The Hall County area faces possible freezing temperatures heading into the weekend.

In Thursday's forecast, Hall and area counties were under a freeze watch, meaning that conditions are favorable for freezing temperatures, from late tonight through Saturday morning. Temperatures are predicted to drop into the low 30s.

The watch also means "those with agricultural interests ... should make preparations to protect sensitive vegetation and young trees," according to the National Weather Service in Peachtree City.

Sunny skies are expected to linger through at least Wednesday, but the mercury may stay in the 50s through Sunday. Warmer temperatures - highs in the mid to upper 60s - are expected to arrive Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

The colder weather also requires more vigilance on the part of homeowners.

"We're going into the winter season and it's this time of year when fires tend to go on the increase, " said Gainesville Fire Chief Jon Canada. "... We see a lot of stuff that people don't need to be doing."

He advised that residents have a professional check out their heating systems.

"We'll have several calls on either a smoke smell or maybe a light smoke haze in a residence or business, only to find that it may be the dust burning off the burners," the chief said.

Homeowners also need to have fireplaces flues professionally cleaned. A cracked flue could result in a chimney fire spreading to the attic.

Also, "a lot of people will use space heaters, kerosene heaters, things like that, for heating purposes," Canada said. "If you do that, you should keep a minimum of 3 feet clearance around those heaters.

"Do not refill a kerosene heater inside the home or business. Take it outside and ... make sure the heater is cooled off before you pour the kerosene in."

Wanda Cannon, Master Gardener coordinator and horticulture assistant for the Hall County Extension office, said the cold temperatures probably will take out summer annuals and fall perennials that have been blooming.

"The first frost is always going to come," she said.

People can bring in plants. They also can place some kind of protective cover over them, but "just make sure they are taken off the next day when the full sun is back out," Cannon said.


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