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Flowery Branch superfan has been involved since the start
Andy Todd, president of the Flowery Branch High Touchdown Club, has been supporting the Falcons since the school opened in 2002. Todd’s son Steel graduated from Flowery Branch in 2007 and played football with the Falcons. Todd’s other son, Austin, currently plays for Flowery Branch. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

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Andy Todd has been involved with the Flowery Branch football program since it began.

He has been the president of the Flowery Branch High Touchdown Club for seven years, and he’s not afraid to get in and do the tough work himself.

His son, Austin, is a senior and plays center for the Falcons. Todd’s older son, Steel, played on the team and went on to attend Georgia Tech after graduating in 2007. Austin started off in the junior Falcons with Connor Shaw, the varsity team quarterback and son of Falcons Coach Lee Shaw.

“From day one, I’ve been a fan, just like everyone else in this community. They want to support their high school,” Todd said. “I’m around here a lot ... but I don’t know that it is necessary for me to be here. I love football. In the seven years my sons have played for Flowery Branch, I haven’t missed (but) maybe 10 practices. I just love being around.”

Todd has been busy every night this week getting the Falcons’ new stadium ready — “it is sorta like moving into a new home.”

Taking a moment to rest on Thursday afternoon after helping get the field painted, Todd said he can’t take credit for all the hard work.

He said he has a dedicated team of parents who give their all to support the team.

“Like right now, most people should be at work making a living, and there’s five of us out here painting the field,” Todd said. “We feel like we’re not doing anything different than people at (other schools); and that’s how it should be in a small town, a lot of community support. ... We feel like this community, it is just one big family.”

Todd said that wife Amy, who he called “the brains behind the outfit,” also chips in by helping with concession stands, ticketing and other duties.

Tonight, a week of hard work will be over and Todd will be ready to cheer on his son and the other players as Flowery Branch takes on Lumpkin County. He’ll be ready to take off his president’s hat and become just a fan.

“Before the game, there’s a few things we do, but then we sit down and watch the game and have a good time,” Todd said.

Todd’s time with the Touchdown Club will end this school year when youngest son Austin graduates. But Todd said his involvement and support of the team won’t end.

“I’ll still be a supporter. ... I’ll still come by most days. We don’t live but around three miles from here and I just love being around it,” he said.

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