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Flowery Branch plans to reveal some redevelopment plans at Aug. 30 meeting
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Flowery Branch City Hall at 5410 W. Pine St. is the South Hall city's government center, including the police department. - photo by Scott Rogers

Flowery Branch plans to present some details Thursday, Aug. 30, about long-awaited redevelopment of city-owned downtown property.

“Some of the public may be disappointed they’re not going to get as much information as they might want,” City Manager Bill Andrew said.

A fuller presentation “will come later, with other public hearings,” he said.

The information, including some drawings, will be presented at 6 p.m. before the Tax Allocation District, or TAD, Advisory Committee at City Hall, 5410 Pine St.

Under Georgia law, cities are allowed to designate certain “blighted” areas as TADs, using property tax increments resulting from new growth on public projects to help attract growth and increase the increments.

By law, the money can be used for public utilities improvements, such as stormwater systems.

The downtown area is part of a TAD in the South Hall city.

The city has eyed redeveloping downtown, particularly Main Street, where the city owns several buildings. The process stepped up as city officials vacated those buildings, including the old police department at Main and Church Street, in moving to the new city hall.

Also, the city is hoping to build on Pine Street, which was extended from Church Street to Railroad Avenue as part of the city hall project.

Calliope Sweets bakery at 5511 Main St. is closing its doors Dec. 22, as part of the redevelopment plan, owner Patty Phillips said.

The South Hall city is not renewing her lease, which she has had for nearly eight years, she said.

But Phillips isn’t bitter.

“It’s progress, it’s revitalization of Flowery Branch,” she said in a recent interview. “It’s going to be so good for everybody. For us, we’ll just do something else.”

Also factoring into downtown plans could be a multi-use trail running from Thurmon Tanner Parkway through downtown to Flowery Branch City Park off Lake Lanier.

The trails project is estimated to cost $5.6 million, with the city seeking nearly $4.5 million from the state’s Transportation Alternatives Program. 

The city’s matching amount would be $1.1 million, which would come from general funds and the city’s tax allocation district, or TAD, revenues.

Flowery Branch TAD committee

What: Discussion of possible downtown redevelopment

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30

Where: 5410 Pine St.

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