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What this motorcycle club did for Flowery Branch Elementary
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Revenant LLC, a Gaineseville motorcycle organization, paid off all of Flowery Branch Elementary School's student lunch debt with a $5,000 donation on Thursday, Dec. 19.

Revenant LLC, a motorcycle organization, raised $5,000 to pay off all of Flowery Branch Elementary School’s student debt. 

Heath Migliore, founder of Revenant, said one of the nonprofit’s goals this year was paying close attention to needs that are often overlooked. 

“When it was brought to me that lunch debt follows kids up to senior year, that impacted and concerned me,” Migliore said. “We wanted to help knock out debts at an early age and make a difference in kids’ lives.”

The group opened up the fundraiser on Monday, Dec. 16 with the hope of reaching $3,000. By midnight they had surpassed their goal and continued to climb for two days.

Motorcyclists from the organization and Santa showed up at Flowery Branch Elementary to hand off a giant check on Thursday, Dec. 19. 

Santa made sure to stop by every classroom in the school and wish them well over the holidays. 

In addition to paying off lunch debt at the school, Migliore said Revenant wanted to bring awareness to the issue. 

“I didn’t come from a wealthy family, but I never remember worrying about debt incurred in kindergarten,” he said. “That touched my heart. My 11-year-old used to go to Flowery Branch Elementary and some of the members of our motorcycle organization went as well.”

Revenant formed around 16 months ago. Don’t be fooled by the leather and tattoos - the organization’s members have a heart for the community.

Each month the group targets various needs, including holding toy drives during Christmas, paying for children’s medical bills and dropping off free bags of fruit to families. 

“We’re just a good group of brothers that step up and make a difference, and shed a better light on the motorcycle community,” he said. “A lot of people go through life and only think about giving through Christmas. We’re doing this throughout the year.”