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This North Hall senior started online school amid recovering from car crash injuries
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North Hall High's Allie Blackburn - photo by Scott Rogers

Only a couple of months into her first semester of senior year, Allie Blackburn of North Hall High School woke up in an ambulance with a metal contraption around her head.

“My body was in so much shock,” Blackburn said. “I couldn’t feel anything, and I could move everything except for my hips.”

She doesn’t remember the October car accident, just what people have told her.

Blackburn was driving with a friend home from Howard E. Ivester Early College when a vehicle rear-ended them on Interstate 985.

“My friend and I went up in the air and hit an F-150 in front of us and rolled onto the driver’s side,” Blackburn said. “A bunch of bystanders got me out. I don’t remember anything from exit 17 to 20.”

Blackburn’s pelvis and two of her ribs broke, and she had concussion. She was sent home after spending a little more than 24 hours in the hospital. 

Class of 2020

The Times puts together this special senior recognition each year, highlighting a few standout stories from our local seniors, but this year we’ve added graduation lists from our local schools in an effort to honor as many graduates as we can. We hope you’re inspired by these stories and join us in celebrating the class of 2020. You can view these stories online as well as upcoming photo coverage of this year's graduation ceremonies.

At first, Blackburn said her doctor didn’t think surgery was necessary. That changed when her damaged pelvis continued to cause excruciating pain.

She went back to the hospital to have screws placed in her hips.

Throughout her senior year, Blackburn said her mother has been her biggest support. 

“She sat through everything in the hospital and drove me back and forth to every doctor’s appointment,” she said. 

While recovering, Blackburn took her classes online. She said she finished all of her school work the day before public schools officially closed because of the pandemic.

Before the crash, she worked two jobs, one at a Wendy’s in Cleveland and the other at Ingles on Thompson Bridge Road. She also took courses at Early College.

Blackburn said she held two jobs not because she needed the money, but for the stimulation. 

“I just like staying busy,” she said. “I like working, and I don’t like staying at home.”

When she recovered from her injuries, Blackburn said she tried to jump back into her two jobs. Standing for long periods of time at Wendy’s proved challenging, so she switched to only working at Ingles.

Now done with school, she has a nearly full-time job as an office worker with the grocery store.

In the fall, she plans to study business management at Lanier Technical College. She dreams of becoming a store manager and later starting her own business. 

“I like dealing with the chaos of different places,” Blackburn said. “I can see the stress, and it attracts me. I just like being in the rush.”

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North Hall's Allie Blackburn - photo by Scott Rogers

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