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How Hall, Gainesville students fared on ACT

The Georgia Department of Education released the statewide ACT scores from 2020 this week, with Hall County students coming in just above the national average in composite score and Gainesville City students finishing just below it.  

Hall students averaged a 21.3 composite score this year, up from 20.5 a year ago and slightly above the national average of 20.6. Gainesville students achieved a 19.6 composite average, down from last year’s average of 19.9 and right below the national average as well. Both school systems scored below the average composite score for the state of Georgia, which was 21.7.  

“This is a K through 12th grade team effort,” Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield said of the school district’s improved scores. “As with our district’s recent SAT, AP and IB performance, congratulations are in order for Hall County students and team members.” 

Gainesville High School principal Jamie Green said that despite the dip from 2019 to 2020, the school’s average scores have gone up as a whole over the last five years.  

He added that test taking is just one measure of success for high school students, pointing to the $8 million in merit-based scholarships that Gainesville High School students in this graduating class have earned.  

“Testing scores took a very slight dip, but overall, we’re still very proud of them and what they achieved,” he said. “They’ve really achieved a lot of great things.” 

The trend in scores for both districts lines up with the SAT scores reported earlier this year, with Hall County showing improvement from 2019 to 2020 and Gainesville experiencing a slight decrease in average score. 

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