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Driver punched the gas, while police officer was partly inside car
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia

A Gainesville Police officer was partly inside an Acura Integra during a traffic stop Saturday night when a Gainesville man allegedly punched the accelerator, police said.

The city officers stopped a car around 8 p.m. Saturday, July 7, at Davis and Dorsey streets for an illegal U-turn and because the occupants were not wearing seatbelts, Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said.

“During the stop, the driver was out of the vehicle,” Holbrook said. The front-right passenger, later identified as Fabian Garcia, provided a false name.”

Officers questioned the driver at the rear of the vehicle when Garcia allegedly locked the passenger door and got into the driver’s seat.

“(Garcia) then put the car in drive while the officer was partially inside the vehicle, and (Garcia) punched the gas,” Holbrook said.

Officer Cory Cummings was dragged a short distance.

“Fabian lost control of the Acura and crashed into some roadside boulders. He then got out of the car and attempted to run away,” Holbrook said.

Officers ran after him and detained Garcia, who was allegedly resisting arrest. Police used a handheld fingerprint scanner to confirm his identity.

Holbrook said Garcia was charged with three counts of kidnapping, three counts of reckless conduct, two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer and two counts of felony obstruction of a police officer.

“The other occupants of the vehicle stated that they were in fear for their lives and didn’t want to

be in the car when Fabian took off. They wanted to get out; however, he would not allow them to,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook said Cummings is back at work.