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Donations stolen from Humane Society
Box in shape of dog house took less than 2 minutes to steal
The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia was burglarized with two men stealing a large donation box in the shape of a doghouse.

How to help

Donations can be made to help the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia with the costs of a replacement window and for a temporary fix to the window at the Humane Society's website.

Two men took less than two minutes to steal a donation container shaped like a doghouse from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia early Monday, according to surveillance footage.

A brick thrown through a window allowed the men to gain entry to the West Ridge Road facility.

The Gainesville Police Department responded to an alarm triggered at the Humane Society about 1:50 a.m.

At the scene, they discovered that one of the front facing double pane windows had been broken by a brick.

The doghouse, custom painted by local artist Fox Gradin, is not regularly emptied unless clearly full, but based on donations in past years, Humane Society employees expect that the doghouse likely contained hundreds of dollars in donations.     

Upon further inspection, the security camera footage clearly showed two men pull up in a white sedan, break into the building and drive away with the doghouse protruding from the trunk of the vehicle.

The two men took only two minutes to break in and leave the scene, taking only the doghouse.

No animals were taken, and police are working with the footage and evidence left behind at the scene to find the men responsible.

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