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Dog stuck in pipe may have emerged, says PETA spokeswoman
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A Lumpkin County family is searching for their dog after he was trapped inside an underground drainage pipe located along Long Branch Road in Lumpkin since Tuesday evening.

Blade, a coonhound, belongs to the Sears family.

Friday evening, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said in an email that the dog likely left the pipe. Kaitlynn Kelly, PETA media coordinator, said a camera inserted into the pipe by a contractor could not find the dog, and it was believed he left his radio collar behind, emitting a signal.

Kelly said PETA was working with the family to find the dog.

Earlier, the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office and Lumpkin County Fire Department said they did not have the equipment needed to rescue the dog from the pipe.

“They did call me yesterday afternoon and said they sent a crew down there yesterday morning,” 16-year-old Hunter Sears, the dog’s owner, said Friday. “But they said it was too dangerous to send anybody up in the pipe.”

Sears said he has had the dog for more than a year since it was a small puppy. He reached out to PETA for help.

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