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Clermont council wont seek citizen input on alcohol sales
Bid for info on beer and wine sales goes nowhere
The Clermont Town Council decided Tuesday not to allow a nonbinding resolution on the November ballot considering beer and wine sales along U.S. 129. - photo by Kristen Oliver

A short stretch of sleepy highway running through Clermont doesn’t have any beer or wine for sale.

And it’ll stay that way.

Town Councilman John Brady brought up the lack of alcohol sales along U.S. 129 running through Clermont at the town council meeting Tuesday. He said a constituent asked the council to consider holding a nonbinding vote on beer and wine package sales.

He proposed, in a motion, holding a nonbinding vote on the November ballot, allowing citizens to give their input. The motion was not seconded by another council member, and therefore died.

A nonbinding ballot question would mean the results would not necessarily allow or deny beer and wine sales, but would simply poll the voters.

“I’m talking just beer and wine,” Brady said. “For selling, distributing and I guess serving beer and wine on that 129 corridor.”

Councilwoman Kristi Crumpton shook her head as no one seconded the motion, but she commended Brady for “doing his job.”

“Thank you for being a good representative of your people,” Crumpton said.

Councilman Eric Thomas said the council has discussed the lack of alcohol sales in the county for at least three years.

Councilman Seth Weaver said citizens with questions about alcohol in the town should come to a council meeting.

“We’re beating a dead horse,” he said. “Let’s put it to bed for a while, because we’ve heard from the people of this town, whether they live in Windmill or whether they live in Clermont.... They’ve spoken.”

This year’s general election and a special election to replace Councilwoman Lynn Adams, who resigned last week, will be handled by the Hall County Elections Department.

Crumpton and Brady voted for Hall County’s department to handle the elections, while Seth Weaver and Eric Thomas voted against it. Mayor James Nix voted in favor, thus breaking the tie.

Qualifying is set for Aug. 31-Sept. 2 to fill the councilwoman’s seat. The winner’s term will run Nov. 9 through Dec. 31, 2017.

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