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Storing onions correctly ensures better quality
Georgia Consumer
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Question: What should I look for when buying Vidalia onions?

Answer: A fresh Vidalia onion has a light golden-brown bulb and white interior. Its shape is rounded on the bottom and somewhat flat on the top or stem end. Look for firm onions that are not decayed or blemished. There should be no sprouts attached and the skins should be dry. The real key to enjoying your Vidalia onions is storing them properly at home.They should be kept cool, dry and separate. You can place them on a screen or wire rack as long as they don’t touch one another. The storage method most people use is the legs of pantyhose. The onions are placed individually in the legs and a knot is tied between each onion to keep them separate.

Q: I have pink azaleas in my front yard and I would like to add about four more to the side. How can I be sure that the azaleas I buy will be pink?

A: If you want to make sure the azaleas you buy are pink, wait until the nursery stock has started to bloom. There will still be time to plant the flowering shrubs and you’ll know exactly what color you’ve bought.

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