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Pecans can last longer in the freezer
Georgia Consumer
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Question: How long will shelled pecans last in the freezer?

Answer: According to a table found on the Web site of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, whole pecans stored at freezing temperatures of 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit will last for a period of 18-24 months. However, pieces would last only one to two months.

Q: I want to prepare a home remedy for my blood pressure. Can you tell me how to prepare a remedy called "jogging in the jug" and "gin and raisins"?

A: Our research found that although many have claimed that "jogging in the jug" relieves physical ailments, the Federal Trade Commission has prohibited its manufacturers from making any health claims. In fact, the manufacturers have agreed to disclose that there is no scientific evidence that "jogging in the jug" provides any health benefits. However, we will be happy to supply you with a recipe along with the consent agreement on the claims of "jogging in a jug" from the Web site of the Federal Trade Commission. Any home remedy should be a part of a traditional treatment program. Therefore, we suggest that you consult our doctors regarding your use of home remedies in your treatment program.

Q: How often should I fertilize and prune blueberry bushes?

A: Under good management, blueberry bushes will produce some fruit the second or third year after transplanting. Although you should not apply any fertilizer at transplanting, you may begin applying it after new growth begins. When they are about four or five feet tall, one should be begin a cane renewal pruning program, removing the oldest, weakest, and diseased canes entirely. We are sending you instructions on how this should be done, as well as other information on growing blueberries.

Q: What is the name of the state tree and the state flower?

A: The Georgia state tree is the live oak. The largest live oak in Georgia is located in Waycross and it almost 10 feet in diameter, 86 feet tall and a limb spread of 143 feet. We actually have two state flowers. The most well-known state flower is the Cherokee rose, which is a very thorny plant with vivid evergreen leaves. Its blossoms are white with large yellow centers. However, the azalea is Georgia’s state wildflower.

Q: My pecan trees have dried up inside; what, if anything, can I do to bring them back?

A: The primary after-care chore for pecan trees is to supply the trees’ moisture needs for the first two or three years. The basic reason for this is that most young trees have lost a large percentage of their roots during digging and transplanting. This root system must be supplied regularly to meet the needs of the top. Apply 10 to 15 gallons of water at regular weekly intervals, either by rainfall or irrigation. This is one chore that must not be neglected.

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