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Jackson EMC resumes disconnections after suspending them amid COVID-19 pandemic
POWER 2017

Jackson EMC will soon resume disconnecting services when bills are not paid.  

The membership-owned electric cooperative suspended disconnects March 16 but will resume July 15. Members who are still unable to pay their bills are encouraged to contact Jackson EMC by July 10 to avoid disconnection.  

April Sorrow, director of public relations and communication for Jackson EMC, said the organization would work with its members struggling to make payments.  

“Our goal is to keep electricity running to everyone’s homes,” she said. “We’ve grown accustomed to a lifestyle that really requires electricity, so that’s always our goal. Our customer service representatives are here to help work on those situations on a case-by-case basis.” 

Sorrow said all situations are different and Jackson EMC would offer options to those who need them.  

Sorrow said in some cases, Jackson EMC would be open to allowing members to “pay a little bit now and then a little bit later.” She also said there are many organizations in Hall County that are offering financial help to keep the power on, including the Division of Family and Children Services, the Salvation Army and United Way. 

“We’ve been working with members as they reach out to us to discuss their situation,” she said. “Working with them on making sure they can keep power running to their homes and that they can make payments in a way that best works for them.” 

How to get help 

Organizations providing financial help to those struggling to pay utility bills in Hall County: 

  • Division of Family and Children Services: 770-532-5298 
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: 866-674-6327 
  • Ninth District Heat/Cooling Assistance: 855-636-3108 
  • Partnership Against Domestic Violence: 404-873-1766 
  • Salvation Army: 770-534-7589 
  • First Baptist Church: 770-534-7354 
  • St. Vincent DePaul: 678-892-6163 
  • United Way: 706-353-1313