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Internet providers monitoring for increased demand as people change habits amid coronavirus pandemic
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With many working from home to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, more people are spending time online at home during the day, but internet providers say they have not yet had capacity issues. 

However, they are monitoring the pandemic and preparing for increased demand.

Patti Michel, a spokeswoman for Charter Communications, said typically, evenings are the busiest time and daytime traffic has still not reached that level.

“Our network is built to exceed capacity at peak usage, which is typically in the evenings. We monitor our own networks (24/7) and consult regularly with other connectivity providers,” Michel said in an email. “It is still early, but thus far, across our network and theirs, any increase in daytime network activity has been modest, far below capacity and even still well below typical evening usage.”

AT&T has also not had capacity issues due to coronavirus yet, according to spokesman Paul Chambers. Cell towers in some areas are actually seeing lower usage as people are staying home, he said.

“In cities where the coronavirus has had the biggest impact, we are seeing fewer spikes in wireless usage around particular cell towers or particular times of day because more people are working from home rather than commuting to work and fewer people are gathering in large crowds at specific locations,” Chambers said in an email.

Chambers said it is standard for AT&T to monitor bandwidth usage and review capacity reports.

Reporter Jeff Gill contributed.