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Buildings clear after threat at North Hall High
North Hall High School officials deal with traffic flow problems as students leave for home and parents arrive following a bomb threat at the school.

Students and staff at North Hall High School were evacuated to the school’s stadium Tuesday after a bomb threat was found on a bathroom wall at the school in Gainesville.

The building was cleared after law enforcement, a bomb-detecting dog and school personnel swept the area, according to the Hall County School District.

Administrators announced names over the speakers to allow students to orderly leave the bleachers and find their parents.

The school system is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The district will work with law enforcement to investigate the incident and identify those responsible for writing the threat, according to a news release.

A long line of cars was at the school as many parents chose to pick up their students.

A threat was written on a bathroom wall at Gainesville High School just last week, though no credible threat was found in that incident, either.

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