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Buford man seeks immunity from charges in South Hall shooting
Geoffrey Mack

A Buford man charged with shooting another man in his leg and jaw last year is seeking immunity, claiming he was justified to do so.

Geoffrey Mack, 65, is accused of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, false imprisonment and reckless conduct related to an incident on March 20, 2015. He was charged in a Feb. 11 grand jury indictment with Cornelio Lazarescue, who was accused of stalking Mack’s wife, Cheryl Mack.

“Mack contends that he was justified in using force against Mr. Lazarescue ... due to Mr. Lazarescue’s stalking of (Mack’s) wife, entrance onto (Mack’s) property, threatening and aggressive behavior toward (Mack) and his physically attacking (Mack),” according to the motion for immunity.

Authorities responded to the shooting at Maple Valley Drive in Buford. Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes said at the time of the incident that Cheryl Mack called Gwinnett County 911 about a man following her from a Gwinnett County park.

Mack’s attorney Clinton Teston said he did not wish to comment beyond the language of the motion filed.

Lazarescue filed a lawsuit through attorney Michael Hirsh against Mack, claiming Mack demanded Lazarescue get out of the car, then shot him.

The indictment claims Mack shot Lazarescue in the leg and jaw and detained him without legal authority.

Mack seeks immunity under a section of code referred to as “use of force in defense of self or others.”

A hearing has been scheduled in the coming weeks for Mack’s motion.