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Brenau awards 429 degrees at winter graduation ceremony
Hannah Start, a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy graduate, walks across campus with classmates Saturday before the Brenau University’s winter commencement ceremony at the Gainesville campus. - photo by AJ Reynolds/Brenau University

Brenau University awarded degrees to 429 undergraduate and graduate students Saturday during its winter commencements at the Gainesville campus.

President Ed Schrader challenged graduates to be open to change in their professional and personal lives and to look to their alma mater as an example. 

“What started as a women’s college steeped in a liberal arts tradition has evolved into a nationally recognized and prestigious, multifaceted institution of higher education graduating thousands of leaders, male and female, in not just the liberal arts but also in health care, business, law, education, the sciences and many other disciplines,” he said. “Brenau adapted to a changing world that required more of us and of you. My advice to you is to be ready to do the same throughout your life.”

Those awarded degrees included 267 graduates and 162 undergraduates, including 36 from the Women’s College. Diplomas ranged from educational specialist degrees, master’s degrees in business administration, occupational therapy and interior design and bachelor’s degrees in the arts, education, sciences and business administration.

“If you are young, today’s uncertain and sometimes troubling events may seem as if we are flying toward the end of an era or the beginning of perilous times,” Schrader said. “But, if you are a bit older, you have seen that throughout life the pendulum of fortune swings both ways, to positive and negative, good and troubling times. That pendulum generally moves humanity forward and upward. With a strong intellectual preparation and commitment to spiritual and personal integrity, you are best equipped to be on that upward swing to achieve your own goals and leave a positive impact on the world around you.”

Brenau began holding a December commencement ceremony in 2015. Its total number of degrees awarded for the year reached 797.

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