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Ask The Times: Boling Bridge ospreys alive and well
03222018 OSPREY 5.jpg
A rough nest is beginning to form on the osprey platform south of Boling Bridge on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. - photo by Nick Bowman

If you’ve been wondering about something in your community, Ask The Times is your place to get answers. The following question was submitted by a reader and answered through the efforts of our news staff.

What happened to the ospreys that nested on the old Boling Bridge?

The ospreys that formerly lived on Boling Bridge have taken up residence on nest platforms, which were installed by the Georgia Department of Transportation over a year ago. 

The osprey nests were removed in January 2018 when none of the birds were present.

Before the ospreys received their eviction notice, two 65-foot nest platforms were erected within sight of their previous home. 

Ospreys are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it illegal to destroy the species’ habitat. With the new platforms, the two osprey pairs have a place to return to after their winter migration.

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