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Ask The Times: Police deputies are required to follow traffic laws
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I often see Hall County deputies speeding in nonemergency situations as well as not using turn signals. Is this allowed?
Deputies are required to obey all traffic laws under normal conditions, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office policy on vehicle operation.

“The members of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office place the highest value on the preservation of life and safety of its employees and the public,” the policy reads.

“The methods used to enforce the laws and to respond to calls for assistance should minimize the risks of injury to officers and citizens alike.”

Normal driving operations is defined in the policy as maintaining the vehicle at the speed of normal traffic flow, complying with posted speed limits and obeying all traffic signals.

Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks, spokesman for the office, added that there are some limited circumstances where a deputy may shut down emergency equipment prior to arriving at a scene so that a criminal is not warned of the arrival.

“But upon doing so they should be in the process of resuming normal driving operations as quickly as possible,” he said.

Residents can submit complaints about deputies’ vehicle operation to the on-duty supervisor at dispatch’s nonemergency number, 770-536-8812.

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