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Ask The Times: Old house at Queen City and Jesse Jewell to be torn down
This abandoned house at the intersection of Jesse Jewell Parkway and Queen City Parkway in Gainesville is scheduled to be demolished and the propery repurposed, likely for commercial use.

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I’m curious about what is going over on Queen City Parkway and the intersection of Jesse Jewell. I’ve seen a lot of trees have been cleared out and this old house that has sat there covered over for as long as I can remember is now visible. Is it going to be torn down? If so, what is going to be built there in that area?

“The property was issued a demolition permit to remove the house and vegetation,” Gainesville planning manager Matt Tate wrote in an email. “The site will eventually be graded and lowered to bring it closer to street level. The property is zoned for commercial purposes, but there is no specific use proposed for the property at this time.”

Brent Hoffman, commercial real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway Georgia Properties, said the property’s new owner is assembling it along with other nearby properties under the same ownership to be sold for commercial uses in the future. Hoffman called it a “valuable, high-visibility” location for whichever businesses end up there.

Hoffman added that the wood from the property will be recycled.

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