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4 years later, teens death still a mystery
Still no firm clues in 2012 death of Hannah Truelove
0821Hannah Truelove
Hannah Truelove, 16, was found slain near her home on Aug. 24, 2012.

As Sgt. Dan Franklin moved up the ranks and through various departments in the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, he asked to keep one particular case: the slaying of Hannah Truelove, which happened four years ago this week.

“I asked to keep Hannah’s case because it was important to me and I wanted to make sure it got the attention that it needed,” he said.

Truelove, a 16-year-old Gainesville High School student, was stabbed multiple times, according to investigators. Her body was found Aug. 24, 2012, in a heavily wooded area behind Lake Lanier Club Apartments off Dawsonville Highway, where she lived with her mother.

The Division of Family and Children Services had an open case involving Truelove and her family, and an investigator had met with the 16-year-old the day she disappeared.

According to a DFCS report, a case manager met with Truelove at school that Aug. 23 and said the girl “appeared to be fine.”

“They talked about getting her math grade up so that she could go into 11th grade math,” according to the report.

Franklin confirmed that Truelove had bouts of truancy from school, as recorded by DFCS.

After school that day, Truelove went home.

“She made it home from school and took all of her school books and stuff into her apartment and dropped them off,” Franklin said.

The teen then made her way down to a common area, where parents were out with toddlers and some boys played football.

Later that night, her mother reported her missing.

One witness reported to authorities seeing a midsized, four-door sedan appear with four people, one who left the car and walked with Truelove for a little while.

“She had been seen alive after that, so that person is simply a person of interest,” Franklin said.

The investigator said the department has also investigated tweets about a “stalker” and other social media comments. Franklin said the statements were vetted and amounted to nothing more than “teenage drama” when put in context.

With the passing of time, Franklin said he hopes people afraid to come forward before will give authorities the information needed to close the case.

“There have been persons of interest that we’ve looked at that we continue to look at,” he said. “Over time, we’re hoping that someone with knowledge that maybe was not necessarily directly involved would come forward.”

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Franklin at 770-531-6879.

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