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4 men charged with dropping rocks onto cars from overpasses
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At least two cars were damaged Tuesday when police say rocks were thrown from an Interstate 985 overpass.

Four Gainesville men have been charged in the incident, with two of them arrested so far, according to a news release from the Gainesville Police Department.

Officers responded to the Athens Street overpass about 1:30 a.m. after the driver of a Ford E350 said a large rock was thrown on his truck. The driver’s door was moderately damaged, but no one was injured, according to police.

Following that report, “officers saturated the area,” according to the news release.  

About 2 a.m. a second driver, traveling north on I-985, reported a boulder hit his Honda Accord, severely damaging the roof, but also not injuring anyone. According to a police incident report, the rear window was shattered, and the damage included a 2- to 3-foot gash in the roof. Police estimated $10,000 in damage.

Warrants were obtained late Tuesday for Kyhrie Harris, 21, Juan Peterson, 18, Kendrick Perry, 19, and Michael Ellis, 21. They are all charged with criminal damage and terroristic acts.

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