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3 Hall County schools up for media center renovations
White Sulphur Elementary, North Hall Middle and West Hall High could get approval in April
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Three Hall County schools with “the most outdated” media centers could have the most modern “learning centers” by the end of the summer.

The Hall County Board of Education will be asked to approve plans for the renovation of media centers at White Sulphur Elementary, North Hall Middle and West Hall High schools at its April meeting.

Plans for the new centers — fewer books, areas that can be rearranged easily, updated technology, soft chairs, “collaborative” study areas, stools and counters for individuals — were explained Monday night.

The estimated cost for the changes are $75,000 to $100,000 for elementary schools and $150,000 to $200,000 for middle and high schools, Matt Cox, executive director of facilities, said. The total for the three facilities is expected to be between $400,000 and $500,000, Hall County superintendent Will Schofield said.

Aaron Turpin, executive director for technology, explained that most everything in the new centers would be on wheels and movable — including book shelves. Cox explained the shelves would have big casters that would support the shelves. Bookshelves also will be shorter and in smaller groupings.

“This is no promise that everybody’s going to get a new media space,” Schofield cautioned. Change will be made as money is available, he said.

Cox told the board “all the information is live now,” so the number of books can be reduced.

Schofield interrupted and said the system still buys books — including e-books.

“We’re reading a lot of books,” he said.

Turpin emphasized the ability to change the configuration of the centers to meet shifting needs. He said one library in Clarke County changes its layout 15 to 20 times a year, according to the media specialist.

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