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12 days to a fire-safe Christmas: Think about gifts of safety
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Looking for those last-minute gifts? Consider these holiday gift ideas for $30 or less to help keep your family safe and prepared in the event of a fire or other emergency:

Smoke alarms. These should be installed on each level of your home and in or near each sleeping area. Consider purchasing alarms for those individuals with special needs, such as those who may have hearing impairments or need special assistance.

Carbon monoxide alarms. When using fuels such as propane or natural gas, carbon monoxide alarms will warn family members of the buildup of this colorless, odorless gas which can be deadly.

Fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are effective when putting out a small fire. They should be easily accessible and appropriate for home use

First aid kit. First aid kits come in different sizes. Choose one that fits the needs of your family, or simply design your own. Store it in your home disaster kit.

Flash lights. Have a flashlight for each family member and place them in strategic locations throughout the home for easy access. Keep extra batteries on hand for use with these.

Home escape ladder. If you or your loved ones sleep in an upstairs bedroom, this safety device will allow you to escape should fire block your main exit.

With the onset of the holiday season, it is important to focus on fire safety and prevention. For 12 days, Hall County Fire Services will be providing tips for making your holidays safe. For more information, contact Lt. Beverley Walker with Hall County Fire Services at 770-531-6838.

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