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The Rev. Eric Hill: Stop and listen to God’s plan for your transition
Eric Hill is the father at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Flowery Branch. He can be reached at .

This can be a very busy time of the year with so many different activities or transitions. Many of us are preparing for family members graduating from pre-K, eighth grade, high school, college or technical school. 

Some of us are moving on from one opportunity to another in our careers, and some of us are taking advantage of the incoming summer to make a move due to work, retirement or some other life change. Some of us are looking forward to summer vacations, traveling to see family or friends or escaping from the day-to-day. 

Although busy, these can be awesome times for us, which are full of excitement and unknown opportunities which lay ahead. However, questions might arise during these times of transition. Am I making the right decision? Is God a part of all that is going on in my life? Is this what God wants for me or is it what I want?

We can sometimes isolate ourselves from God because of all of the things we have to do and accomplish consume us, all causing us to lose our focus. 

God is calling us all to something unique, special and important. However, what is the call for us? How can we answer the questions related to transition? We have to stop, ask and listen. 

The listening part is usually the hardest for us because we don’t like to be quiet. Then there is another part of listening which is called discernment. Discernment is the process of determining that what we are hearing is of the Holy Spirit or not. This takes prayer, time, patience and possibly seeking good counsel from people we trust. 

This is time worth spending, bearing beautiful fruits, if we’re truly striving to answer the calling God has for us, or as we move from situation to another. Take advantage of time spent with God so we can live life to the full.