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Big mixed vegetable coleslaw
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2 carrots, different colors if you can find them, peeled 3/4 pound red, green and/or white cabbage, outer leaves removed Use any or all of the following: 1 bulb fennel, trimmed 3-4 radishes 1 light-colored beetroot, peeled 1/2 small celeriac, peeled 1/2 red onion, peeled 1 shallot, peeled 1 lemon Extra virgin olive oil Handful of fresh soft herbs (use mint, fennel, dill, parsley and chervil), leaves picked and chopped 1 cup yogurt or mayonnaise 2 tablespoons mustard Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Shred the carrots, fennel, and your choice of radishes, beetroot, turnip or celeriac on a mandoline, or use the julienne slicer in your food processor. Put the vegetables into a mixing bowl. Slice the cabbage, onion and shallot finely or use shredding slicer in a food processor.