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Is this Gainesville family up for the challenge on season finale of ABC’s ‘Don’t’?
The Williams family of Gainesville will be featured on an Aug. 13, 2020, episode of ABC's "Don't." Photo courtesy ABC.

Update, Aug. 14: A Gainesville family won $99,000 Thursday, Aug. 13, on the season finale of “Don’t,” an ABC game show. 

A Gainesville family foursome will try to win $100,000 Thursday, Aug. 13, on the ABC show “Don’t.” 

The season finale of the game show series will feature the Williams family — siblings Graham, Nathan, Leita and Reagan — attempting a series of challenges. All four graduated from Gainesville High School. 

Graham Williams said he and his brothers had previously applied for a show but never heard back. 

Bored in class one day, Reagan Williams typed up what he thought would be the funniest application.  

“I was trying to make myself laugh, hoping that I could make someone else laugh me with me,” Reagan Williams said. “Out of nowhere a couple weeks later, I heard back from a random phone number who happened to be one of the marketing or hiring agents for this show, ‘Don’t.’” 

After several rounds of interviews and teleconferencing calls, the family was selected for the show, which is hosted by actor Adam Scott and is produced by fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.  

“When he heard that Ryan Reynolds was the producer of the show, we knew it was going to be a hoot and it was going to be a ton of fun,” Graham Williams said. 

Contestants in the show strive as a team to complete "various challenges, such as ‘Don't Blink,’ ‘Don't Look Back’ and ‘Don't Play Ball in the House,’ as they work together to build their bank,” according to the show’s website. Fail, and they don’t earn money; whatever money is left in their bank at the end is theirs to keep. There are, of course, other twists along the way. 

Graham Williams, who splits his time between Gainesville and Atlanta, works for a nonprofit. Reagan Williams recently finished school at the University of Georgia with a major in biology. Leita Williams is at UGA studying English, and Nathan Williams, of Atlanta, works in real estate. 

The Williams family of Gainesville will be featured on an Aug. 13, 2020, episode of ABC's "Don't." Photo courtesy ABC.

Regarding strategy for the game, Nathan Williams said they got a little bit of direction before the challenges. 

“They told us there was a chance we were going to have to eat something crazy or something like that, and the first one for that was always Reagan,” Nathan Williams said. “He’s always kind of been the one family (member) that will just jump on it and eat something pretty crazy.” 

Leita was the brains, and anything involving hand-eye coordination would be a toss-up between the three brothers, Nathan Williams said. 

The Williams are a competitive family who grew up playing different sports.  

“It’s always fun to see like a family game show, and you kind of get into it,” Graham Williams said. “We’ve loved watching those. When we had the opportunity to do it, it was like, ‘This is surreal.’” 

The family flew out to Hollywood for callbacks last July, and the filming was at the end of last August. 

Leita Williams said they are planning a small watch party with close friends and family. 


What: Gainesville family to appear on game show to win $100,000 

When: 9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13 

Where: ABC 

The Williams family of Gainesville will be featured on an Aug. 13, 2020, episode of ABC's "Don't." Photo courtesy ABC.
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