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New technology hasnt helped capture UFO evidence
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One Small Step. One Giant Leap. Man’s first moonwalk, 40 years later

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There's a lot of evidence that Neil Armstrong did take those first steps on the moon.

But there are some elements of space with little evidence of existence and explanation - like reports of unidentified flying objects and other life forms.

So, is there something to be found beyond the moon?

Locally, UFO sightings aren't easy to come by but they do exist.

According to Sgt. Kiley Sargent with the Hall County Sheriff's Office there have been calls over the years of people reporting local incidents.

Sargent said he spoke to other deputies to get a clear idea of calls of the "unidentified" nature. One deputy said he had heard of some strange sightings "... of lights in the sky on the lake down in the south end of the county," Sargent said. "Officially I haven't had anything that could substantiate anything that's technically called an unidentified flying object."

Mostly, locals have reported fully explainable events.

"There's a guy that parasails, that has one of those self propelled (parasails) up in the Sardis area and flies over the lake and people have called in on him," Sargent said.

Sargent had his own views on UFOs and the visuals people claim to see.

"Twenty years ago or 30 years ago where UFOs were sighted a lot out West where in today's times where you can capture those and document those things, you just don't hear of them anymore," he said. "If they are that prominent, we should be able to catch them with all the video cameras floating around."

The Mutual UFO Network of Georgia is dedicated to the scientific study and investigation of unidentified flying objects and is a local network to report sightings.

There are links on the Web site to other UFO reports, a way to report any sightings and even listings of local sightings.

According to a report from 2008, a man in Gainesville did spot what he said was a silent craft that vanished soon after his first visual.

There are even more recent reports on the Web site of sightings in extreme North Georgia and in Ball Ground.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, N.M., operates a museum, studies unexplained events and UFOs and also takes reports from people who think they have witnessed other life forms.

If you would like to report sightings to the International UFO Museum and Research Center, the Web site requires details like the date, time, location, witnesses and object shape.

And just because someone reports a UFO doesn't mean they're crazy, according to sociology professor Michallene McDaniel. Rather, they have a more open mind.

"Part of my research is on people with unusual beliefs," said the Gainesville State College professor. "What I've found in doing my research on people who are really open to different forms of religion, they also tend to be more open to the possibility of alien life forms. They don't see the world in very black and white terms.

"There are people who are very comforted by the notion that everything is black and white and you can put everything in a category and everything is very predictable, and those people seem to be very threatened by any kind of change or difference. But then there are people who are much more open to possibilities, that maybe we don't have all the answers."

McDaniel also said people's beliefs are difficult to change.

"People who have some sort of reason for denying that we ever made it to the moon, it doesn't matter what evidence you give them," she said. "If you have a vested reason for maintaining a particular belief structure, no matter what information you are presented with, you will find a way to explain that away."